Welcome to Green Valley! We have been hard at work and look forward to a year filled with many exciting activities for every child.

The Green Valley Kindergarten teachers believe that children learn best through actively participating in hands-on experiences. We hope to set the stage for positive attitudes about school and learning for life.

To help our school year run smoothly, we have listed some areas below we believe are very important both to the children and to you as parents.

A. Communication:
1. Work will be sent home by your child. Please take time to look at your child's work and give praise to positive efforts he/she has shown.

2. Calendar - We will send a monthly calendar of events home for each new month. Please look at this and make a note of any special activities, field trips, special guests, etc.

3. Conferences - Parent conferences have been scheduled for this school year. You will be notified of the date and time. Should the need arise, conferences may be scheduled upon request.

4. Home/School - Class time is your child's time. Any parent/teacher communication needs to be either by written note or email. It is the child's responsibility to deliver notes to and from school.

B. Special activities: From time to time, we will do special activities in the classroom. These activities help to develop mathematical skills and enhance language development. During the year you will be called upon to contribute items for these special activities. Please do your part so all children can benefit from these experiences.

C. Lunch: Collecting money daily is very time consuming. We strongly encourage you to send lunch money weekly or monthly.

Please send all money in a sealed envelope with your child's name, teacher's name, and purpose of the money. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Parents may eat lunch with their child; however, we ask that you wait at least one month for your child to get accustomed to our lunchroom procedures.

D. Snack: We ask that you send a nutritious snack for your child each day. Please send clear drinks, no sodas, and something that can be eaten easily. Please do not send something that has to be eaten using a spoon or a fork, your child will be working as they are eating snack.

E. Birthdays: PARTY INVITATIONS ARE NOT TO BE PASSED OUT AT SCHOOL UNLESS EVERYONE IN THE CLASS IS INVITED. OTHERWISE INVITATIONS WILL HAVE TO BE MAILED TO THE CHILD’S HOME. Also, due to state policies, we are unable to celebrate birthdays with food items. In lieu of bringing food, your child may bring a book to share and donate to the class to celebrate his/her birthday.

F. Dress: Please dress your child comfortably, making sure he/she can handle clothing easily. Tennis shoes are required daily due to PE class and outside time. Be aware that kindergarten children can come home messy. Our curriculum will afford opportunities to explore, discover, and have fun. This often means getting dirty or messy. Your child must keep a complete change of clothing in a Ziploc bag in his/her backpack at all times. Please make sure that the clothing is seasonally appropriate.

G. Resource teachers: During the year your child will have the opportunity to work with various resource programs such as music, art, PE, library and character education.

H. Rest time: Each child will need a large bath towel or beach towel with his/her name on it for rest time each day. Your child needs to bring this towel the first day of school.

I. Labels: Please label all your child's belongings such as book bags, money, all outer garments, etc. This makes a day go much easier and better for the child as well as the teacher. NOTE: Do not label supplies.

J. Bags: Each child will need a book bag to bring to school each day. PLEASE do not send a rolling book bag. We do not have any place to store them during the day.

It is our intention to make this year a fun and positive learning experience for your child. We look forward to an awesome kindergarten experience!


Kindergarten Teachers